Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Today is my birthday.I Love Myself.

From a photo I took under the sea about 20 years ago.


natsuco said...

Nice to meet you!
Happy birth day to you from Tokyo!
Your photo & illustrations is berry beautiful. I love them.

bh yoo said...

Congratulations! You're my precious friend. God bless you!!!

무쌍 said...

oh!yeah! Today is your birthday? Congratulations!! I don`t know how I take a picture under the sea.Tell me ,please. I`m wondering whether you use water-proof camera or not. Bye!

Kim Mikyung said...

무쌍, Thank you.
I used a disposable water-proof camera. Have a good day ~~

parisa mahmoudi said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! :)
So sorry about delay.I wish you health and happiness!
This pic is made my day.You are so happy in it with lots of energy!