Wednesday, July 15, 2009

At the riverside of Han River

잠실철교와 올림픽대교 그리고 천호대교.
아침운동 후에 한강시민공원에서.


parisa mahmoudi said...

This is lovely.So calm but effective!
You know,you are so lucky that can sketches outside.I can't do it!When somebody is looking at me,my brain is stop to working!!I just love to work in my room.

P.S.Now I'm listening to a song by Jang Nara,do you know her?
She is cute,isn't she?! ;)

Kim Mikyung said...

As a matter of course, I know her. She is a popular singer and a star.
Yes, she is so cute.

It comes as a surprise to know that you are listening to a song by Jang Nara and sometimes you see Arirang TV.

Thanks for visitng my blog often.
And thanks for your nice comments, too.