Saturday, September 19, 2009

The 24th World Wide Sketchcrawl

Ten sketchers participated in the 24th Sketchcrawl in Seoul.
We met at Starbucks coffee shop in Daehangno.
Daehangno is a culture street in Seoul. Many small-sized theaters and art facilities are concentrated in this area. You can easily find great cafes and restaurants in Daehangno. It is always filled with young people.

A fellow sketcher and I moved to the Naksan Park near Daehangno.
The park was established when Mt. Naksan was redeveloped. Visitors on the peak can see the four mountains off in the distance - Mt. Bugaksan, Namsan, Inwangsan and Naksan - that surround the old capital. The fortress Wall of Seoul is maintained along the upper ridge and is the best place to enjoy the views of the downtown region.

At 3 pm we met again for sketchbook sharing.


parisa mahmoudi said...

Hi dear Kim ! :)
Your group is Great,you really work nice,I saw some of the result in Urban's blog !!!
I really love the way that you put color on the paper,you put them in just right place,great.
have a nice time

p.s.dear do you know something about weather in Changdong ,which one is nicer?
15 june-10 september
15 september-10 december
Thank you ! :)

Kim Mikyung said...

Hi, Parisa!
Thanks for your visiting my blog.
Is Your new illustration project going well?
I'm looking forward to see it.
The result will be beautiful.

Changdong in Seoul?
July in Korea is the rainy season.
And in August it is so humid and hot.
So I think from September to december is nicer.
Will somebody visit Seoul?

parisa mahmoudi said...

My Dear Friend,Hello!!! :)

So sorry about delay,I was on travel for someday,working for 3 exhibitions,catch a cold and ....
Thank you sooo much for your advice about weather and your nice words about CJBOOK !!! :)
I really hope you would enjoy of the exhibition.
I took part in a program in Korea if I accept in it,I would be in Seoul for 2 months(that's the reason I asked about weather.
Wish me luck ;)

Have a great time

Kim Mikyung said...

Dear Parisa

Another news it is!
I sincerely hope that you will be accepted in that program.

Good luck to you!!

parisa mahmoudi said...

Thank you dear Mikyung! :)

Today I found out that I didn't accepted in the 2nd review for cjbook award! :(

...I will try more!!!!!!! :D