Thursday, December 3, 2009

CJ Picture Book Festival

The CJ Culture Foundation has set up the CJ Picture Book Awards.
100 finalists for the New Publication Category and 50 finalists for the Illustration Category are being exhibited during the Festival period.
Today I visited there.
And I was so happy to see my friend, Parisa Mahmoudi's illustrations.
I took some photos for her.


parisa mahmoudi said...

Hi! :D
Sooooo Thanks Dear Mikyung!!!!!!!!

You made my family and I really really really happy with these fantastic photos!!!!! I appreciate your kindness and I never forget this! I'm really proud to have lovely friends like you.

And Thank you so much for your lovely wishes in your comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
I wish you the best December


parisa mahmoudi said...

...and happy to see you and your lovely little daughter! :)
I really enjoy of her paintings in your blog,please say my hello to her and your lovely son.
Best Wishes

parisa mahmoudi said...

Dear, Could I put the last photo on my blog ? :)

Kim Mikyung said...

I'm glad you like these photos.
And It will be my pleasure if you put them on your blog. :D

parisa mahmoudi said...

Thank You SO Much my Brilliant Friend!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Suana said...

:::So stunning!:::

Amazing poster and illustration and beautiful work by Parisa. Love the space and the little girl peeping through :D


Jasmine said...

Parisa brought me to your lovely blog. I like your sketch crawl in the parks, below :)

Kim Mikyung said...

Suana and Jasmine, thanks for visiting my blog and nice comments.

Zoe said...

I came from Parisa's blog too,love ur creations^^

yoon see said...

Hello Kim Mikyung,

Thanks for showing Parisa and other great artists' work here.
I love your works too.

I love Korea and Korean too.
Have so much to learn about from you and your people, art, culture, country all are so unique.
I wouldn't miss visiting Korea one day!

I will be back, thanks again
and have a great weekends:)

Parisa said...

Hello! :)
I started my shop today.
I would be so happy to see you there.

bh yoo said...

You had a nice time with your friend. So cute of Jaeyun. :)