Friday, September 24, 2010

A fish in the sky


parisa mahmoudi said...

Yes,I could see it!!! Thank you for this nice pic! :D

Dear Mikyung,hello,hope you are well.Sorry about delay,I was a little bit busy.I was working on some illo for CJ BOOK and Bologna.And now I cross my finger to get success! ;)
Did you sent your great illo to them?I wish you success,too.cause you deserve it my dear friend.

I wish you and your family health and happiness for ever


Kim Mikyung said...

Parisa came back!!
Happy to see you again. :)

You worked hard during last summer. You must have made good results. I wish your success. I'll be happy if I have another chance to see your work in Seoul.
I didn't apply for CJ Book and Bologna. Someday I want to apply for them. I don't have enough time to concentrate all my energies on my work, because my kids are still so young.
I will not hurry. But I will make an effort steadily. :)