Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pink ( 4 colors in my everyday life )

삭만한 도시 길 가에서도 예쁜 것들을 찾아내고 즐겁게 노래 부르는 아이.
힘들고 지친 날도, 우울하고 화나는 날에도 나를 웃음 짓게 만드는 마법같은 존재.


parisa mahmoudi said...

Hello my dear friend,

Happy 2011, wish you and your family all the best.

Wowwwww, you made me really surprised with your short films.They are all great.I love them and I love the musics that you choose for them.
You live in a beautiful place!!!!!!
& I could saw your beautiful girl again,please send my warm wishes to your children.
I'm interested to see more of your fantastic life.

With lots of love

Kim Mikyung said...

Dear Parisa,

It makes me happy that you like my films.
Thanks for your friendly comment and warm wishes to my children.